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SunArk 48V 200Ah 15S LFP Lithium Battery For Solar System Installation

A long lifespan energy storage battery is crucial in solar systems, SunArk 48V 200Ah rack type lithium battery pack is consist of 30pcs 3.2V 100Ah ANC cells, total capacity 9600Wh, With long cycle life and warranty years reach 10 years. also it can be perfectly compatible with mostly branded inverters like Deye, Growatt, etc.  


  • Brand:

  • Max charging current:

  • Operation Voltage:

  • Life cycles (80% DOD, 25%):

    6000 Cycles
  • Lithium battery standard:

  • Operation temperature:

    20°C to 60°C @60+-25% Relative Humidity
  • Storage temperature:

    o°C to 45*C @60+/-25% Relative Humidity
  • Storage time / temperature:

    5 months @ 25°C. 3 months @ 35*C: 1 month @ 45°C

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LiFePO4 Battery

What is the main components of our battery?


1.Cells; ANC,CATL branded cells to make sure the quality.

2.BMS; a smart BMS module is the key to communicate with solar inverters,each BMS has a communication protocol with it.

3.Precharge resistor; to prevent the current overload when starting, designed to provide better protection.

4.LED Screen; to operate the whole battery also show status of working.

5.Connection port; including positive/negative port, alarm & running status, communication port.

6.Metal box with sealed ring, to protect the battery away from the rain and dust. 


rack lithium battery

What's the main function of our battery?


To make sure lithium battery has very good performance in solar systems, SunArk designed its own lithium battery include general switch/breaker to shut down immediately, positive and negative electrode for wiring, ADS dial code for matching different inverters, RS485,RS232 and CAN port to communicate with inverters also parallel with each other. Power/Alarm/Run Indicator to show the status of the battery. Also a user friendly LCD screen with key indicator for customer to operate easily.


rack lithium battery pack


How important are the battery cells? 


When consumers buy large-capacity charging treasures, they will value lithium batteries, but they may ignore the importance of lithium batteries. The lithium battery cell is equivalent to the core of the lithium battery. The lithium battery is mainly composed of two parts, the battery cell and the battery protection board (PCM). The battery protection board is mainly composed of a protection chip (or a safety control chip), a MOS tube, a resistor, Capacitors and circuit boards are combined; the battery core is equivalent to the core of the lithium battery, and the information management system is equivalent to the human brain of the lithium battery. The battery core is mainly composed of positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes, diaphragms and equipment shells. become. Lithium battery cells are an important part of lithium battery components. Lithium battery cells are processed as semi-finished products. They cannot be used directly as batteries. They are only used to improve power. They need to be equipped with protective circuits and combined with the outer packaging of the equipment shell to form a finished lithium battery. .




48V 200Ah lithium battery

How does SunArk produce batteries?


1.Prepare all elements, buying branded battery cells.

2.Cells organized in series and parallel to meet customer requirement

3.BMS debug according to different inverters

4.Wiring all cables inside battery

5.Charge and discharge test before delivery

6.Pack in special dangerous goods carton

7.Apply dangerous goods shipping certificates for delivery


Till now, SunArk batteries has all necessary certificates for safe shipping, like MSDS, UN38.3+ etc. also are approved by CE, TUV, IEC, UL.




     Q1: Can I OEM/ODM my batteries?

     A:Sure, OEM&ODM service is supported with a certain quantity, it includes customize logo,package and label;


     Q2: What about your lead time?

     A:  The lead time is normally 15 working days after order start. but we always prepare some stocks for popular models, if you have any interest, please just contact us.


     Q3: DDP service available?

     A:Yes, if you are a personal customer and don't want to handle the customs matters, we can provide DDP service to your address.


     Q4: What about the warranty and how to claim?

     A:  Warranty period are 10 years since you receive the battery, we have professional after-sales team can handle all the issues.

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