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SunArk Rack Type High Voltage Lithium Battery 20.48KWH 30.72KWH 40.96KWH 51.2KWH

SunArk High-voltage rack-mounted lithium-ion batteries, also known as high-voltage pack batteries, are a type of storage solution commonly used in various applications.

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  • Model:

  • Installation Type:

    Rack Type
  • Capacity :

    20.48KWH /30.72KWH /40.96KWH / 51.2KWH
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SunArk HVRack Type High Voltage Lithium Battery 


SunArk High-voltage rack-mounted lithium-ion batteries are designed to operate at higher voltage levels, typically ranging from 300 volts to 1000 volts, offering numerous advantages over traditional low-voltage batteries.


Detailed Parameters of  SunArk HVRack Type High Voltage Lithium Battery 


Rated voltage
Rated capacity
Rated energy
Rated working current
Max.working current
Recommended DoD
Range of working temp
-10~50 °C
Working humidity range
5-85% RH
Communication method
Compatible inverter brands
DEYE, Solis, Growatt,ATESS, Goodwe, Hoymiles, Afore, Megarevo, Invt, Pylontech, ThinkPower, Inhenergy
Working indicator
Blue:Power; Green:Run; Red:Alarm
Cycle life
25±2°C, 0.2C/0.2C, EOL70%≥6000
Protection level

Advantages of SunArk HV Rack Type High Voltage Lithium Battery 


--One of the key of high-voltage rack-mounted lithium-ion batteries is their improved energy density. By operating at higher voltages, these batteries can store more energy in a smaller physical compared to low-voltage batteries. This increased energy density allows for greater efficiency and reduces the overall space requirements, making them an ideal choice for applications with limited space availability.

--Another significant advantage is their enhanced power capabilities. High-voltage rack-mounted lithium-ion batteries can deliver higher power output, enabling them to meet the demands of high-power applications such as electric vehicles, grid-scale energy storage systems, and industrial equipment. This higher power capability contributes to improved performance and faster charging/discharging times.

--High-voltage rack-mounted lithium-ion batteries also offer improved overall system efficiency. By operating at higher voltages, they reduce resistive losses in the system, resulting in reduced heat dissipation and improved energy conversion efficiency. This improved efficiency translates into better utilization of the stored energy and ultimately leads to cost savings in the long run.

--Furthermore, these batteries often come with built-in safety features and advanced battery management systems. These systems monitor the battery's voltage, temperature, and current, ensuring safe and optimized operation. The battery management systems provide protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, minimizing the risk of safety incidents and extending the battery's lifespan.

SunArk HV Rack Lithium Battery And Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter


SunArk HV rack lithium battery works perfect with many different famous hybrid solar inverter, especially with DEYE hybrid solar inverter. The combined solar system works in both residential and industial applications.

Besides, SunArk battery also works with brands such as Solis, Growatt,ATESS, Goodwe, Hoymiles, Afore, Megarevo, Invt, Pylontech, ThinkPower, Inhenergy, etc.

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