SunEvo Solar Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module

Rooftop 3kW 5kW PV On Grid 220V 230V Solar Panel Energy System

The power generated by the rooftop 3kW 5kW PV on grid 220V 230V solar panel energy system is fed into the grid, using the grid as an energy storage device, eliminating the need for batteries, thus greatly reducing the cost of power generation. Eliminating the battery avoids secondary pollution of the battery and improves the mean time between failures of the system.

  • Brand:

  • Model:

  • PV Panel:

    Mono(Poly Optional)
  • Inverter Power:

  • Accessories:

    PV Cable/Y Branch Connector/MC4 Connector/PV Tools/Switch
  • Mountings Rack:

    Metal Roof,Asphalt Shingle,Tile Roof,Tin Roof,Flat Concrete Roof
  • Application:

    Home, Remote Cabin, Villa, Apartment
  • OEM:


New Products

Mono Solar Panels


Peak Power Watts: 550W (SE5-72H)

Maximum Power Voltage: 42.64V

Maximum Power Current: 12.90A

Open Circuit Voltage: 50.22V

Short Circuit Current: 13.70A

Dimensions: 2279×1134×35(30)mm

Weight: 26.9 kg (59.3 lb)


On Grid Solar Inverter


On grid inverters have many advantages such as high power generation efficiency, high output power quality, wide application range, and higher safety and reliability. They are the guarantee for the safety and stability of the power generation system. It is not affected by module differences between strings and shadow occlusion.


Intelligent Monitoring


Cable free, easy installation 

USB communication port 

Build -in storage, 1 month data 

Online monitoring and maintenance



Solar Panel Mounting Structure


The advantages of PV brackets include reliable force transmission and force-bearing performance, wide application range, simple construction, strongest wind load capacity, flood and wind resistance, and PV brackets can be expanded and adjusted as needed to adapt to solar energy of different sizes power system.

PV Combiner Box


The PV combiner box can effectively reduce the voltage loss and current loss of the solar system, and maximize the system efficiency and power generation. it is equipped with multiple standard interfaces and monitoring equipment, and cooperates with the host computer monitoring to realize the monitoring of the photovoltaic system. Remote monitoring, management, and maintenance, are convenient and fast.




Other Accessories


Solar panel install tools

PV cable(4m㎡,6m㎡,10m㎡ etc, optional)

DC and AC switch, protective effect 

MC4(normal type, T and Y type etc)


On grid solar panel system meet certifications:


IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 61730

ISO 9001:2008: ISO Quality Management System

ISO 14001: 2004: ISO Environment Management System

OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety



     Q1: Do you support OEM service?

     A:Yes, we support OEM service, including Logo customization and packaging;

     Q2:How long is the delivery time?

     A: The delivery time is generally 15 working days after receiving the advance payment, if there is stock, it can be shipped immediately;

     Q3: Does it support door-to-door service?

     A:Yes, we have freight forwarders with many years of rich experience in the industry, who can deliver goods to the door and help customers clear customs and pay taxes;

     Q4:How many years of warranty and after-sales service are provided?

     A:We provide a unified 10-25 year warranty for different components in the system, and accessories can be replaced and sent for free.

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