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The tilt rack mounting system, also known as solar PV triangular support structure,or triangular racking system, is a type of mounting structure specifically designed for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. It consists of a series of triangular frames that provide support and stability to the PV panels when installed on the ground or roof.

  • Brand:

  • Installation Application:

    Metal Roof Tilt Rack System
  • PV Module Layout:

    Portrait or Landscape
  • Wind Load:

    60m/s or Customized
  • Snow Load:

    1.6KN/m2 or Customized
  • Inclination:

    10-15°, 15-30°, 30-60° or customized angle

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Sunevo Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Rack System For Flat Metal Roof


SunEvo adjustable tilt system is used for metal roof concrete roof. Fixed or adjustable angles as 10-15°, 15-30°, 30-60° or customized are for your option to maximize energy production. All Products are pre-assembled before shipment, to make the installation easy and quick. Unique design of inner and outer tube with adjustable joints, makes the structure stronger, different from the same type of products on the market today, and widely compatible with standing seam clamps.




Technical Features of Metal Roof Tilt Rack Mounting Systems:

Product name Metal Roof Tilt Rack Mounting System
Installation Site
Flat concrete roof, metal roof
Wind Load
60m/s or Customized
Snow Load
1.6KN/m2 or Customized
Applicable Solar Module
Panel Layout
Portrait or Landscape
Material AL 6005-T5, SUS 304
10-15°, 15-30°, 30-60° or customized

The Components of Tilt Rack Mounting Systems

The tilt mounting structure consists of various components that facilitate the installation and adjustment of solar panels.


Key components of the Metal Roof Tilt Mounting Rack System typically include:

--Mounting Rails: These are long horizontal bars that form the framework for attaching solar panels. They are usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel and come in different lengths to accommodate the desired panel arrangement.


--Tilt Brackets: These brackets connect the solar panels to the mounting rails. They are adjustable and allow for setting the desired tilt angle of the solar panels, optimizing their exposure to sunlight.


--Grounding Equipment: This includes grounding clips, cables, and other necessary materials to ensure the electrical safety of the system.


--Fasteners: Bolts, nuts, and screws are used to secure the various components together.


The Installation Processes of Metal Roof Tilt Rack Mounting Systems


The installation process for a metal roof triangle bracket mounting system typically involves the following steps:


--Roof Inspection: A professional installer assesses the roof condition and structural integrity to determine the suitability of the system and identify any necessary reinforcements.


--Layout and Design: The installer designs the system layout based on the available roof space and configuration, taking into account factors such as panel orientation, shading, and clearance requirements.


--Bracket Installation: The triangular brackets are securely attached to the metal roof using appropriate fasteners. The spacing and positioning of the brackets are planned to ensure adequate weight distribution and stability.



--Rail Placement: The rails are then affixed to the brackets, running parallel to the roof's slope. The rails are properly leveled and evenly spaced to provide a stable foundation for the solar panels.



--Panel Mounting: The solar panels are attached to the rails using adjustable clamps. The clamps are tightened to secure the panels in place and ensure proper alignment and spacing.


Different Types Of The Tilt Rack Mounting System


There are different types of Tilt Mounting Rack Systems available, including fixed-tilt and adjustable-tilt systems.


Fixed-tilt systems have a fixed tilt angle and are suitable for installations where the optimal tilt angle remains constant.


Adjustable tilt systems allow for manual or motorized adjustment of the tilt angle, allowing for optimization throughout the year.


1. Fixed Angle Tripod system: According to customers' need , we customize different sizes and angles to make a fast, easy, and lower-cost installation, this is suitable for installation at known building angles.



2. Adjustable Angel Tripod system: According to the site need to adjust the tripod angle for installation demand. It is suitable for multi-angle installation projects.


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