SunEvo Solar Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module

Sunevo PV Module Solar Panel Rail Pole Ground Bracket Screw Pile Rack System

Screw pile Rack System, also known as helical pile Rack System, is a type of solar panel mounting system that utilizes screw piles as the foundation. It provides a stable and secure platform for solar panel installation on various types of terrain. 

  • Brand:

  • Installation Application:

    Screw Pile Rack System
  • PV Module Layout:

    Portrait or Landscape
  • Wind Load:

    80m/s or Customized
  • Snow Load:

    1.6KN/m2 or Customized
  • Inclination:


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Sunevo PV Module Solar Panel Ground Screw Pile Rack System



Sunevo provides you with two types of high-cost-performance piles: screw piles and steel post pile. These two types are compatible with different geological conditions, complementing each other. The products have been proven in a number of well-acclaimed global PV power plants.




Technical Features of Pile Pile Rack Mounting Systems:

Product name Pile Pile Rack Mounting System
Installation Site
Soft soil, sand,beaches,mud, grassland
Wind Load
80m/s or Customized
Snow Load
1.6KN/m2 or Customized
Applicable Solar Module
Panel Layout
Material AL 6005-T5, SUS 304, QT235

The Components of Screw Pile Rack Mounting Systems

The system is composed of different components designed to ensure the structural integrity and adjustability of the solar array, such as the following items:


--Screw Piles: These are long metal rods with helical flanges attached to the lower end. They are screwed into the ground to provide a stable foundation for the rack system.

--Mounting Rails: These are horizontal beams that support the solar panels. They are attached to the screw piles using brackets or clamps.

--Brackets/Clamps: These are used to connect and secure the mounting rails to the screw piles.

--Cross Braces: These are diagonal beams that provide additional stability and rigidity to the rack system.



The Installation Processes of Screw Pile Rack Mounting Systems


The installation process of the screw pile Rack System involves the following steps:


--Site Preparation: The installation area is marked, and the ground is prepared to ensure it is level and free from any obstacles.




--Screw Pile Installation: Using specialized machinery, the screw piles are driven into the ground at designated locations and depths, ensuring they are securely anchored.



--Mounting Rail Installation: The mounting rails are attached to the screw piles using brackets or clamps. The rails are positioned and aligned based on the desired tilt angle and orientation of the solar panels.


--Panel Installation: The solar panels are mounted onto the mounting rails using appropriate clamps or mounting brackets, following manufacturer guidelines.


Different Types Of U Pile Rack Mounting System


There are different variations of screw pile Rack Systems, including:

--Single-Axis Tracker: This system allows the solar panels to track the movement of the sun along a single axis, typically from east to west, maximizing energy production throughout the day.

--Fixed-Tilt System: In this configuration, the solar panels are installed at a fixed tilt angle, optimizing energy generation based on the average solar elevation angle.

--Ballasted System: It refers to a screw pile rack system with added ballast weights to enhance stability, which is suitable for locations where ground penetration is restricted or prohibited.


Suitable installation environments Of Screw Pile Rack Mounting Systems

Screw pile Rack Systems are ideal for a wide range of environments, including but not limited to:


--Soft or uneven ground conditions where traditional foundation methods are challenging.


--Limited ground penetration areas, such as land with high water tables or areas with underground utilities.


--Eco-sensitive areas that require minimal land disruption and environmental impact.


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