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Flooded Tubular Opzs Battery 2V 2000Ah 48V Gel Batteries Price

OPzS series is flooded Lead Acid battery that adopts Tubular Plate technology to offer high
reliability and performance. 


  • Brand:

  • Cells Per Unit:

  • Voltage Per Unit:

  • Design Life:

    20 years (Float charging)
  • Standby Use Voltage:

    2.23V~2.25V @25°C
  • Cycle Use Voltage:

    2.40V~2.45V @25°C
  • Operating Temperature Range:

    Discharge: -15°C~50°C Charge: 0°C~40°C Storage: -15°C~50°C
  • Normal Operating Temperature Range:

    25°C ± 5°C
  • Self Discharge:

    Monthly Self-discharge ratio is less than 3.5% at 25°C.
  • Container Material:

    A.B.S. UL94-HB UL94-V0 Optional

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What is OPzS Battery


The scientific name of OPZS storage battery is Flooded Tubular Deep Cycle Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery.OPzS battery is the abbreviation of German Ortsfeste Panzerplatten S-SCHILLERGLANZ (rich liquid). The three words mean fixed type, tubular plate and sealed OPZS battery. Combined, it refers to the 2V series batteries in which the positive plate produced by the German standard is a tubular type, the negative plate is pasted on the grid, and the electrolyte is a colloidal electrolyte.Fields of application of OPZS batteries: nuclear power plants, various communication equipment, railway systems, UPS systems, solar and wind energy systemsThe separator is porous rubber and PVC, the electrolyte is flooded, and the battery case is made of transparent AS shell.

SunArk's OPzS Battery Superiority


Comprehensive Products & System Certificates:
GB/T19639 - 2005. JIS C8702 - 2006.IEC 61056- 2002. OHSAS18001,UL, CE and TLC certified
ISO9001: 2015/Quality management system

ISO14001: 2015/Standards for environmental management system

MSDS:Material safety datasheet for transportation.

The Battery is designed and manufactured according to standards of DIN40736-2/IEC60896-11 with positive spine and patent formula of die-casting active material. OPzS series exceeds standard values with more than 20 years flfloating design life at 25°C and is suitable for cyclic use(solar/wind energy storage system, traction etc) under extreme operating conditions.

Product Features:


1 Design life of OPZS tubular battery: the design float life of this type of battery is more than 20-22 years; 80%DOD cycle life is more than 1600 times

2 The main components of the positive plate of OPZS tubular battery: the positive plate is mainly composed of 3 parts, the grid, the casing and the active material. The shape of the pole plate is a tubular pole plate.

3 The main components of the negative plate of OPZS tubular battery: the negative plate mainly consists of 2 parts, the grid and the active material. The shape of the plate is a flat plate

4 Electrolyte of OPZS tubular battery: the main component of the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid

5 Terminals of OPZS tubular batteries: Copper terminals are usually used to enhance conductivity. Some manufacturers can also use lead terminals or lead-plated terminals

6 Exhaust valve of OPZS tubular battery: Because of the flooded design, this type of battery has an exhaust valve. The exhaust valve also has the function of adding liquid during maintenance

Difference Between OPzV/OPzS:
The design of OPzV battery series adopts colloidal electrolyte and tubular positive plate, and has the advantages of valve-regulated battery (maintenance-free) and open battery (float charge/cycle service life), and is especially suitable for use with a backup time of 1 to 20 hours. Since it is not limited by the use environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV battery series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable power grids, or renewable energy storage systems that are in a long-term power state.  Colloids are formed by silicon particles that are extremely small in size but have a large surface area. When silicon particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, a three-dimensional chain network is formed, and a micropore system with a diameter of 0.1mm to 1mm is derived.  Contained by strong capillary phenomena, the electrolyte is locked in the microporous system.

Therefore, even if the battery casing is accidentally broken, there will be no electrolyte leakage. A small amount of micropores are not filled by the electrolyte, forming gaps to allow oxygen to pass through. Oxygen migrates from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, and then recombines into water, thus eliminating the need for regular water addition. Change the concept of backup power supply, allowing users to have more autonomy in different fields.  Nearly negligible levels of gas generation allow the battery to be mounted in a cabinet or rack, in an office or even next to equipment. Thereby improving space utilization and reducing installation and maintenance costs. However, attention must be paid to comply with the safety and ventilation regulations stipulated by the state.


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