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Trina Solar Module N Type i-TOPCon Bifacial Dual Glass 675W 680W 685W 690W 695W 700W

Trina Solar, the global PV and smart energy total solutions provider, has unveiled its latest head-turner, the Vertex N 610W for C&I and utility-scale projects. Together with the Vertex N 700W for utility scenarios and Vertex S+ 450W for rooftop PV systems, Trina Solar’s n-type module portfolio is based on the leading 210 product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon cell technology. The release of Vertex N will hit and reshape the PV market again.

  • Power Range:

  • Max. Efficiency:

  • Dimensions of Module L*W*H:

  • Weight:

  • Number of Cells:


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Peak Power Watts (Wp) 675 680 685 690 695 700
Power Tolerance (W) 0~+5
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 39.5 39.6 39.8 40.1 40.3 40.5
Maximum Power Current (A) 17.12 17.16 17.19 17.23 17.25 17.29
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 47.2 47.4 47.7 47.9 48.3 48.6
Short Circuit Current (A) 18.14 18.18 18.21 18.25 18.28 18.32
Module Efficiency (%) 21.7 21.9 22.1 22.2 22.4 22.5


Introducing the Trina Module Vertex N Series: Elevating Photovoltaic Performance

The Trina Module Vertex N Series is a comprehensive line of photovoltaic modules designed to meet the diverse demands of residential, commercial, and ground applications. Boasting impressive power outputs of 440W, 595W, and 690W, the Vertex N Series stands out with a power increase of 15-80W compared to other N-type products on the market. However, its advantages extend beyond power, showcasing exceptional performance in efficiency, energy generation, and reliability.

Trina has dedicated years of research to N-type modules, leveraging the 210 product technology platform and the i-TOPCon technology developed through accumulated expertise. The Vertex N Series not only inherits the characteristics of N-type modules such as low temperature coefficients, low light-induced degradation, high bifacially, low initial degradation, and linear degradation over the years but also embodies the advantages of the supreme family in terms of high power, efficiency, energy generation, and reliability.

Based on the results of a 1-year outdoor validation at the Hainan outdoor test site, the degradation performance of N-type modules outperformed P-type modules by 0.64%. Additionally, under standard hot spot testing conditions, Vertex N modules exhibited a temperature reduction of 10-30°C compared to TOPCon modules of the same type, ensuring secure power generation for solar installations.

In outdoor energy generation validations, the i-TOPCon technology contributed significantly to increased energy yields due to higher conversion efficiency, superior temperature coefficients, and enhanced bifaciality. In commercial distributed scenarios, the string power of the Trina Module Vertex N 590W module surpassed 182-72 modules by 12-14%. In ground-mounted solar farms, the Trina Module Vertex N 680W module's string power exceeded that of 182-72 modules by 30-33%. The higher string power not only significantly reduces photovoltaic cable requirements but also substantially lowers mounting costs, resulting in lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and overall system costs, providing users with a higher return on investment.

In summary, the Vertex N Series, with its "Four Highs and One Low" characteristics of high power, high efficiency, high reliability, high energy generation, and low LCOE, significantly reduces the overall cost of solar installations, bringing greater economic value to the photovoltaic industry.

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